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About Us

For millennia, biological immortality has captivated human civilization, but the secrets of immortality do not lie in philosopher’s stones or cyber brain. The concept of immortality is so fascinating to human society even to this day and we have a number of Hollywood movies, science fiction, books and scientific journals around this concept. Increasingly, the scientific community is investigating mechanisms to reverse ageing process, attempting to stop aging cells and tweaking genes to extend human life-span.

On the other hand, many great souls and philosophers have provided innumerable prescriptions to escape the vicious cycle of birth and death. Their teachings centred around liberating the soul from the cycle of numerous births, by taking the control from the nature to retain his/her consciousness forever with the aim of conscious evolution.

In the contemporary scientific landscape, there has been many attempts to provide a definition of science. It is broadly defined as the systematic study of the laws of outer nature through ‘observations and experiments’, and technology is the conquest of it. However, eastern tamil siddha tradition defines science as the human attempt to control the laws of nature both ‘inner and outer’. Spirituality is the understanding of the laws of inner nature, and scientific stages of bodily transformations, are the fruits of the conquest of it. The objectives of both these disciplines are to understand the basic laws of nature, go beyond nature and control it.

In recent times, numerous multi-billion research projects and initiatives have been launched by global technology players and individuals to investigate the mechanisms of biological immortality. However there is limited research endeavours focusing on the natural and spiritual path of attaining biological immortality.

In the digitalization era, there is an increased collaboration with diverse groups working together to tackle the global challenges. Science is becoming a world-wide endeavour and it should be open to embrace perspectives from any part of the world to progress further. ‘Biological immortality’ is the final and last challenge for mankind to tackle. The objective of our society is to promote scientific research combining recent technological advancements of the west and the vast knowledge on immortality science available in the east especially in the ancient Tamil wisdom traditional texts of Thirukural, Thirumanthiram and Thiruarutpa.

East and West
Can no longer be kept apart
For the human species is one – Goethe

Our team members

Chidambaram Ramalinga Vallalar

Chief Executive Officer

Father of Immortality Science

Shan Alagappan


IT Systems Manager at Broadspectrum, Sydney Australia.

Muguntharajah Manickarajah

Vice President

Team Manager, Server Engineering and SQL Services, Technical Services NSW Health (Managing Stat-wide Server infrastructure and SQL Services), Sydney, Australia

Muruganandam Muniyandi


Senior Project Manager, HCL Technologies, Sydney Australia.

Mukundan Veluchamy

Joint Secretary

Project Manager at Service Stream, Perth, Australia.

Dorairaaju CP

Joint Secretary

Professional 2: Service Delivery Coordinator, NSW Health, Sydney, Australia.

Sruthi Shanmuga


Assurance Associate, EY, Sydney, Australia.

Priyadharshini Muthukannan

Public Relations Officer

Sessional Lecturer, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia